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Prey on the competition.

Give your AMD- or Intel-based system the performance needed to stay atop the food chain with the record-breaking*, ultra-fast HyperX Predator DDR4**. Boost your frame rate, keep your streams broadcasting smooth, and plow through your highlight reel editing with speeds up to 4600MHz paired with quick CL12–CL19 timings. The aggressive, stylish black heat spreader and matching black PCB will allow you to beat the heat and strike fear into the hearts of your foes. It’s available in single module capacities of 8GB–16GB and kits of 2, 4, and 8 with capacities of 16GB–128GB. Predator DDR4 is Intel XMP certified with profiles that are optimized for Intel’s latest chipsets – just select the hand-tuned profile in your BIOS and you’re ready to go. 100-percent factory tested at speed and backed by a lifetime warranty and over 30 years of expertise, dependable Predator DDR4 gives you the best of both worlds: extreme performance and maximum peace of mind.

* World overclocking record of 5608MHz set on January 22, 2019.

** The specification of the extreme overclocking modules listed on this page may be beyond the capabilities of your system hardware. Careful selection of all system components (e.g. CPU, motherboard, PSU) is required to ensure these modules will function as intended.

These kits are thoroughly tested and verified in house to run at the listed speed. As a backup we include a 2nd XMP profile at a slower clock speed so you can still achieve great performance if your system cannot handle the included highest speed XMP profile.

As a guide you can find the processors and motherboard HyperX used to perform the Intel XMP certification on this page: www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/gaming/extreme-memory-profile-xmp.html. This is not a guarantee of compatibility in your system configuration. We cannot guarantee compatibility with all systems; these modules should be installed and used at your own risk.

Only select motherboards are able to achieve speeds of DDR4-4000 and above. Check motherboard Qualified Vendor Lists (QVL) to verify Predator high speed support on vendor website and/or Intel XMP certified list. Premium system cooling (CPU and case) required for high speed memory stability. Intel X or K series processors are recommended.

Tuotteen tiedot

Valmistajan tuotekoodiHX426C13PB3K4/64
Viivakoodi (EAN)0740617265934
Sisäinen muisti64 GB
Sisäisen muistin tyyppiDDR4
Muistin kellotaajuus2666 MHz
Komponentti (tuotteelle)PC/palvelin
Muisti288-pin DIMM
Muistin sijoitus (moduulit x koko)4 x 16 GB
Puskuroitu muistityyppiUnregistered (unbuffered)
Muistin jännite1.2,1.35 V
Moduulikonfiguraatio2048M x 64
Rivin jaksoaika45,75 ns
Rivin jaksoajan päivitys350 ns
Rivin aktiivinen aika32 ns
Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (XMP)Kyllä
Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) -versio2,0
Ohjelmointijännite (VPP)2,5 V
Jäähdytyksen tyyppiJäähdytin
Käyttölämpötila (T-T)0 - 85 °C
Varastointilämpötila-55 - 100 °C
Paino ja mitat
Tuotteen leveys8,3 mm
Tuotteen syvyys133,3 mm
Tuotteen korkeus42,2 mm
Paino260 g
Pakkauksen leveys30,5 mm
Pakkauksen syvyys120,7 mm
Pakkauksen korkeus157,5 mm
Pakkauksen paino368,9 g
Tukkupakkauksen leveys20,3 cm
Tuotepakkauksen pituus30,5 cm
Tukkupakkauksen korkeus14,6 cm
Tuotepakkauksen paino3,9 kg
Määrä per tuotepakkaus10 kpl
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