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12 kk valmistajan takuu
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- Large 2-line LCD display;
- 250 functions and features;
- Up to 16 digit internal calculation;
- More sustainable, using recycled Canon plastic materials for lower and hard case;
- Reliable dual power source: solar and battery;
- Three colour choices.

Clearer readings with extra large 2-line display
Ideal for learning, examination and homework problem-solving tasks, the F-715SG Scientific calculator has an extra large 2-line LCD display. Entries appear on the top line, results on the bottom – showing up to a 10-digit answer and 2-digit exponent. Its main display character sizes measure 9.6 x 3.96mm, making it easy to accurately read results at a glance.

Extensive 250 functions and features
Smart in every aspect, this Scientific calculator has all of the essential functions students need to support their mathematical and science studies, including general math, trigonometry, statistics, physics and engineering. For advanced problem solving, the F-715SG hosts a total of 250 functions and features. It has the capacity to store to memory and recall up to 17 calculations, so users can explore different patterns and concepts. Plus, internal calculations can be performed using 16 digits, giving more exact results.

Part-manufactured using recycled Canon materials
The F-715SG is both a practical and more sustainable option. That’s because Canon uses waste plastic materials to make the lower body case and hard case. Giving waste resources a second life.

Reliable dual power source
This Scientific calculator operates by both solar and replaceable battery power, offering continuous reliability and providing double assurance during exam assessments. Use the energy-saving solar power option when lighting conditions allow, switching to the back-up battery power when needed. The F-715SG also gives plenty of advanced warning to indicate when the battery power is running low. When not used or touched for 7 minutes, the ‘auto power-off’’ function switches the calculator off, conserving battery resources further.

Three smart colour variations
Practical and stylish, the F-715SG is available in black, or two white variations, with the choice of magenta or blue on the arrow key and hard cover. Weighing 124grams, it is easily transportable. While the hard on-and-off slide cover protects the keypad and display panel from everyday knocks and bumps.

Tuotteen tiedot

Valmistajan tuotekoodi5730B002
Viivakoodi (EAN)4960999799810
Tuotteen väriVaaleanpunainen, Valkoinen
Kotelon materiaaliMuovi
Luvut12 lukua
Näytön tyyppiLCD
Näyttön kallistusEi
Rivien lukumäärän näyttö2 linjat
Taustavalaistu näyttöEi
Näytön koko61 x 25 mm
Näytön merkkikoko9,6 x 3,96 mm
Toinen näyttöEi
Muistin rekisterit17
Tuettu paristojen lukumäärä1
Automaattinen virrankatkaisuKyllä
Automaattinen virrankatkaisu7 min
Paino ja mitat
Tuotteen leveys86,3 mm
Tuotteen syvyys168 mm
Tuotteen korkeus17,8 mm
Paino124 g